Next time you think about teasing a red-head just remember that a storm is brewing inside them and when a ginger storm is raging it shows no mercy. And so on for hours and hours of the typical redhead's life. I am a black woman and you cannot even begin to understand the silly 'jokes' I have to put up with based on my race and my accent. Consistent with this theory, Dr. Barb, Philadelphia, USA In primary school I would tell boys my red hair was actually gold, and if they married me they would be rich forever!
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Better Marry A Redhead- Turns Out They Might Be Genetically Superior

But then I am a red head who wants a herd of little red heads. Let our titian sisters have the spotlight. Below is a selection of your comments. In Christian Europe, red hair was a sign of witchcraft and among many cultures it was said to never trust a redhead. His dad used to tease him when he was a kid, to build up his resistance to the teasing that is dad knew he was going to get once he started school. If redheads are more susceptible to cold temperatures, why are all the places with high ginger populations cold? There was a problem with hemophilia, and not because of intermarrying.
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The surprising health benefits of being ginger

Let's be clear, before the hate mail starts pouring in. Sorry about your luck. Your attitude puts far too much value on your cooch, and it shows that you really regard men as brutes who value themselves according to whether they can get sex. A lot of them I find fascinating. I think his name was Adolf Hitler. He was being sarcastic Elain.
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Women like you have to settle for the soft, weak manginas like the guy who wrote this article. Personally I just thought that he was ridiculous, as carrot tops are green not red. Everything fits, for the first time. Telegraph Lifestyle Health and Fitness Body. All the ancient civilisations of pre-history were started and ruled by seafaring redheads, who originally came from a land over the sea, often, but not always, equated with Atlantis. Wow, sounds like you have met a total of ONE redhaired woman.
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Characteristics of the redhead race

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