This myth has been widely used as a subject in literature and art as a basis for psychological and cultural analysis, capturing the imagination broadly since it first appeared in the second century in the writings of Apuleius. In the myth, as told by Apuleius, her daughter is called Voluptas. She was only a mortal, however, while he was a god; so when they were married he could not take her to Mount Olympus with him, nor even let her know who he was. Eros became specifically identified with passionate love and fertility. Dreams of the night are always speaking to us from this realm, offering timely, healing, personal, and wise guidance.
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Psyche and Eros: A Myth Revealing Psychological Dynamics of Love and Relationship

They are the culture dreaming out loud in well-told tales. Her retinue consists of Eros Cupid , the Hours, the Graces, Peitho persuasion , Pothos and Himeros personifications of longing and yearning. Psyche follows the orders precisely, rejecting all but bread while beneath the Earth. Eros and Psyche Eros, the alleged son of Aphrodite, is most commonly known for his Latin name: Cupid. Of original statues preserved to us, the most famous are the Aphrodite of Melos Milo, see fig. The most celebrated statues of this god were by Lysippus, Scopas, and Praxiteles, whose Eros at Thespiae was regarded as a master-piece, and unsurpassable. Dreams of the night are always speaking to us from this realm, offering timely, healing, personal, and wise guidance.
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The Myth of Eros and Psyche - Jung Currents

However, it is a difficult thing to keep a god in love incarcerated, and Eros found his way to Psyche. While the older sculptures show the sturdier forms, the taste of later times leans more and more to softer, weaker outlines. The adolescent expression on Eros' face is amazing. Nyx later begat the dark and dreadful aspects of the universe e. My name is Love, supreme my sway.
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There, in former days, the Olympian gods had sat in judgment on him and absolved him when he had slain Halirrhothius for offering violence to Alcippe, his daughter, by Agraulus. This, too, she was able to do, by following the wise directions which the winds whispered to her, and with the help that Eros gave to her unseen. His festival, the Erotia or Erotidia, continued till the time of the Roman Empire to be celebrated every fifth year with much ceremony, accompanied by gymnastic and musical contests. Thus it is to the worship of Dionysus that the dithyramb and the drama owe their origin and development. She has broken the rule of darkness, and is banished from the castle. Here is where the fairy-tale really takes hold: the first task is to sort a huge pile of mixed grain over night, an impossible task for one girl. In the gymnasia Eros was the personification of devoted friendship and love between youths and men; the friendship which proved itself active and helpful in battle and bold adventure.
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Myths on eros

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